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We sell your property faster smarter and for top dollar


MNS is a team of savvy real estate experts. By putting our proven method into practice we sell your property faster, smarter and for top dollar. The basis of our method can be summed up in the following points:

  • When we say we're a team, we mean it. One agent doesn't sell your property, we all do.
  • To increase impact, we seamlessly integrate marketing, sales, and technology to produce the most efficient sale possible.
  • We enforce a zero-tolerance policy for website inaccuracies and outdated material.
  • We form relationships rather than transactions, offering clients an unsurpassed level of personalized service.
  • We count Integrity, ethics and transparency as our top assets.
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We are a full-service, boutique real estate advisory firm; to that end, we put a premium on getting our clients results. Increasing your visibility is what we're invested in. By breaking sales records in the most challenging markets and working successfully with the city's top developers, our reputation of integrity, market expertise and world-class service speaks for itself.

We're all about starting and maintaining relationships. In fact, it's our internal measure of success. We make investments that benefit the sale of your property directly. By utilizing innovative technology, best-in-class agent training and expanding market capabilities, we give you all the advantages you'd expect from a partner, a consultant, a trusted advisor. We assume all of these roles for you as you sell one of your largest and most precious assets, your home. We don't take this responsibility lightly and welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Why list with the best

Our team achieves your goals with ease because we adhere to best practices:

  • We generate more leads per listing than any other company. Hands down.
  • Our website is targeted to get more lead conversions. We turn leads into opportunities, contacts and most importantly, clients.
  • Our listings sell faster than anyone else's and at a higher average price per sq. ft. In other words, more money in your pocket, faster.
  • With individualized reports on traffic , plus qualified leads and sources for each property, you'll always know what your agent is doing for you.
  • We have targeted customer lists for every neighborhood in NYC.
  • Every agent has access to all applicable press through our PR company, with featured listings on various high-traffic websites, including The NY Times & StreetEasy.
  • Profile Marketing, our in-house group, has true integration between traditional and the freshest new media outlets.
  • The Design High, our in-house interior design firm, can help with staging to optimize your property's appeal. The better it looks, the more it will sell for.
  • We give you the personal attention you deserve. Since we're the best, you get treated the best. It's that simple.


Our in-house marketing team is made up of industry experts who generate traffic using proven SEO technology that includes:

  • Targeted content
  • Link building efforts
  • SEO-friendly architecture
  • Pay-per-click advertising

We feed managed content to NY Times, StreetEasy, Curbed, Trulia, Backpage, Zillow, Google, AOL Real Estate and Yahoo Real Estate. Each client

Each client will have an individualized marketing program with tracking and improvement statistics. You're not treated like one of many; you're treated like the one and only.

Unrivaled strategy. Incomparable expertise.


  • By creating a customized, strategic roadmap to success for each one of our clients , we offer a strategy to sell your property.
  • New York City is our singular specialty. Our team brings specialized, incomparable expertise that has ear ned the trust of the city's top developers.
  • Where other companies out-source their technology and marketing arms, MNS features Profile Marketing, an in-house team of heavyweights, as well as a dynamic staff of web experts.
  • We value leading - edge ideas and adopt best practices before they become the industry norm, giving you and your property a distinct competitive advantage in the market.
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For your listing to do its absolute best, it needs a targeted strategy.

  • We're not interested in simply getting the word out through PR driven marketing. We're concerned with results-driven marketing. By allocating your marketing budget to the PR outlets that drive the most significant traffic, we create a system that ensures you're getting the maximum amount of buzz per dollar spent.
  • Our in-house group, Profile Marketing, will create a personalized strategy tailored specifically to your project. Through search engine optimization and targeted keyword searches , MNS drives the right traffic directly to your listing.
  • Applying the data from search traffic allows us to adjust and optimize our marketing efforts to sell your home in real time.



MNS has strong relationships with the most credible and relevant online, real estate outlets including:,,,,,, and, among many others, giving your home an unbeatable range of digital exposure.

Our firm has developed exclusive affiliations as a broker liaison to banks, accounting houses, marketing agencies and law firms. We put our listings directly in the hands of Fortune 500 employees via direct marketing, newsletters and other advertising tools opening you up to the largest group of buyers in New York City.

Buyers do a significant amount of research on neighborhoods and specific properties prior to making the decision to officially begin looking. That is why potential buyers contact us first, for our comprehensive insight and guidance into how a respective building compares to others in the neighborhood.

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Your home needs its own personal brand that is seamlessly integrated across web, print , buyer inquiries , broker interactions, and on-site property representation.

Strategy development occurs with three specialist groups at the table:

  • Agent side, augmented by senior management
  • Profile Marketing , our in - house marketing group
  • Technology experts

All three groups will be available to you at each critical stage of the sales process.


By employing MNS, you benefit from our specialties:

  • ENTIRE FIRM OF SALES AGENTS: Driven by our core value of teamwork, our agents are financially incentivized to promote and sell your property as quickly as possible.
  • METICULOUS TRACKING CAPABILITIES: By listing your property with us, you can rest assured that we are tracking all the different components of our marketing approach, both for mally and infor mally.
  • PAID AND ORGANIC SEARCH MARKETING: Our proprietary capabilities allow us to pinpoint, attract and track those buyers who are looking for properties like yours.


  • Determine if it's better to rent or to buy by filling in a few numbers and percentages.

  • Check out samples of leases and riders you will find throughout the Manhattan rental market.

  • A list of maps and transit options available in New York City and beyond.

  • Print out our moving checklist so you can be sure to have all your ducks in a row before you move.

  • Know the pertinent steps to buying an apartment in Manhattan. The guidance you receive can make or break your deal. Know before you go.

  • We know real estate terms and abbreviations can get confusing, so we’ve put together a list of terms and definitions for you.