New Development Brochure

Say Hello To The Winning Team

MNS is a full-service real estate brokerage and consulting firm that specializes in:

Pre - Development Planning
New Development Sales
Profile Marketing, our in - house marketing group

Our services reflect our unique position as Trendsetters, Innovators, and Shapers of the market. With detailed consideration going into every square foot of every project, we anticipate the needs of developers and the desires of the buyers.

Pre - Development Planning

MNS has completed and sold out a broad spectrum of projects, working not only with the most successful developers, but also with those just starting out. Our approach to every development starts with comprehensive market research. Armed with this information, we prepare a detailed budget and master project timeline, giving you the competitive edge to reach your target market and achieve the highest price point possible. Get the MNS advantage through our full range of new development planning services:

  • Financial acquisition ( pre and - post )
  • Market Research
  • Financial Analysis
  • Architectural and Construction Planning
  • Offering Plan Guidance
  • Unit Mix & Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • In - House Interior Design
  • Public Relations
  • FHA & PERS Consulting
  • Sell vs. Rent Analysis
  • Target Market Identification
  • Amenities Package Planning
  • Introductions to Lenders With Zero Pre - Sale Requirements
  • Feasibility Study
  • Master Project Time Line

New Development Sales

We look at every project with a fresh perspective. Every development is different, and we know that our proven methods of success are at their most effective when they are newly adapted to the unique qualities of each project.

Our new development team specializes in sales strategies for each development. We have valuable knowledge of inventory control, releasing units during prime selling points with timed marketing pushes, which helps maximize your price per square foot and increase sales. Our team manages the project from beginning to end, coordinating communication between sponsors, attorneys, buyers, co-brokers, mortgage brokers, appraisers and all other parties involved.

Because our company was built around new developments, our agents are trained in every aspect of the sales process, including in-house paralegal expertise responsible for contract preparation, contract negotiations, basic riders and closing coordination.

We have sales office packages that provide all of our developments with a CRM system that tracks where buyers are coming from, how they heard about this property and the time frame for purchasing. In addition, we track the data on number of units sold, advertising effectiveness, pricing and pertinent buyer information. These systems provide all of our developers with the following reports:

  • Lead Generation
  • Traffic Report
  • Customer Grading System
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Source Report
  • Contract Status & Stacking
  • Absorption Schedule
  • Floor Unit Conversion ( P E R S )
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Phone Log


Our mission is to sell your building, not sell you advertising. We are award-winning creatives and aggressive media planners with advanced marketing programs. For each project we develop a unique identity that effortlessly speaks to its target customer across all media platforms. Confident that we will increase the effectiveness of any marketing and advertising campaign, we look forward to working with you to achieve a quick sellout of your project.


  • Getting qualified leads
  • Increasing traffic
  • Apprising consumers of the most important stages of development
  • Generating positive awareness of developer and project

Once we have assessed your situation, we will accomplish all of the above using the least amount of marketing spend to gain the highest amount of sales revenue.

Ramp Up Your Online Presence

By leveraging MNS and its team of web specialists, you get:

  • A sophisticated feed system broadcasting your listings to the most popular real estate search sites in NYC and throughout the US
  • Intelligent web advertising with ads that get more clicks and websites that convert more visitors into real customers
  • A custom built website complete with identity, full SEO package, user conversion tracking and more than we can possibly fit into this tiny space
  • Advanced email marketing to customer lists - both yours and the MNS proprietary customer list with currently over 35,000 consumers and growing daily
  • Full public relations services through our industry-leading PR partners

Winning Is Nice, Crushing Is Better

MNS' new development services blow away the competition. The proof is in our track record. We have successfully branded, marketed and sold two of the biggest projects in New York City in addition to numerous smaller projects with equal success. Our team knows what's needed for a successful launch and sell-through.

From the beginning of the sales process until the last unit is sold, we keep the developer informed of all activity, fine tuning our strategy to ensure a timely sellout of your development. We sell faster and for more money than our competitors. Enough said.


  • Determine if it's better to rent or to buy by filling in a few numbers and percentages.

  • Check out samples of leases and riders you will find throughout the Manhattan rental market.

  • A list of maps and transit options available in New York City and beyond.

  • Print out our moving checklist so you can be sure to have all your ducks in a row before you move.

  • Know the pertinent steps to buying an apartment in Manhattan. The guidance you receive can make or break your deal. Know before you go.

  • We know real estate terms and abbreviations can get confusing, so we’ve put together a list of terms and definitions for you.