Moving to Manhattan Checklist

At least one month prior to move:

  • Begin cleaning out anything which will not be making the move. Think about donating your unwanteds, and get a receipt for tax purposes.
  • Create a complete inventory of all items which will be going with you.
  • Find a reputable mover (ask your broker for a vendor they might recommend).
  • Confirm with the appropriate parties at your new location your moving schedule. Verify any moving documentation that may need to be sent over before your arrival.
  • Notify your security company, gardner, pool service, bottled water vendor, or any other regularly scheduled service company of your vacating date. Be sure to re-establish the services you will need in your new location.
  • Notify your local post office, magazine publications, and other providers who send you mail of your change of address and date of move.
  • Arrange to collect any deposits you may have put down on a rental or utilities.
  • Check your current insurance coverage. If your policy is transferable, you will want to coordinate with your provider so there is no lap in coverage. If it is not you will want to secure a new policy for your new home.
  • Ask your present physician(s) for referrals in your new location. Be sure to obtain copies of, or transfer your medical records and any prescriptions you may need.
  • If you have children, be sure to get copies of, or have transferred, any school records you may need.
  • If you have a pet, check with your veterinarian regarding any travel preparation necessary, and obtain copies of any health records.

Two weeks prior to move:

  • Contact your current telephone, electric, gas, and water companies to confirm the specific date on which to discontinue service. It is a good idea to leave the utilities on for an extra day or two, just in case of emergency.
  • Contact the utility companies in your new location to arrange when service should begin.
  • If you haven't already you may want to arrange for banking in your new location, and transfer funds over for your arrival.

Day before the move:

  • If your movers are providing packing service, they usually arrive the day before the van is loaded. Be sure someone is on site to supervise the packing.
  • Notify a friend or family member of your travel plans in case of emergency.
  • Reconfirm with the appropriate parties at your new location your moving schedule.
  • Be sure to leave the keys to your current residence with the appropriate party.

Moving Day & After:

  • When the movers arrive, check their inventory to be sure your lists coincide. You may want to search the entire house one last time before they leave.
  • Make sure the movers have the proper directions to your new location, and contact information for when they arrive.
  • Arrive ahead of the movers and check that all appliances and heating units are working properly. If there is a problem be sure to notify the appropriate party right away.
  • Once the movers arrive, be sure to check the condition of each carton and household item. Be sure to make a record of any missing or damaged pieces on the inventory form.
  • Check with the local post office to see if they might be holding any mail.
  • Obtain any necessary licenses. (Driver's, pet, etc.)
  • Ask your real estate professional or landlord for recommendations for service providers in your area.
  • Register to vote.


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