New York City
Landlords Guide

At MNS we have our own proprietary database with easy access to all the rental listings in NYC. Landlords choose to work with MNS for several, simple reasons: unique perspective, personalized service, online presence, and the most reliable report in the industry the Manhattan Rental Market Report, the only report that compares fluctuations in the city's rental rates published on a monthly basis. Our expansive product knowledge and established relationships with the largest landlords in the city are the perfect combination for guaranteed success.


  • UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE: We understand that an essential element to building strong relationships is our ability to see a property through the eyes of our clients. Where other firms will work to balance their objectives with expansion, we don't have to. Your objectives are our objectives, period.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE: This means more to us than just being focused on your property. From full exclusive representation to do-it-yourself marketing, MNS provides a platform for landlords to generate the most exposure possible for their properties, increasing rental prices and lowering vacancies.
  • ONLINE PRESENCE: Ours is second to none. We can help boost traffic to your listings manage your online reputation and match you with tenants via targeted keyword searches and optimized data tracking.
  • BUZZ MARKETING: We combine the most successful methods of t traditional, online, viral and guerilla marketing to ensure your property rents quickly and for its maximum dollar value.
  • REPORTING TOOLS: We track activity on calls, showings and other indicators of interest to make certain that you stay apprised of the activity on your property at all times.
  • BROKERAGE COMMUNITY: We treat our competitors as partners, making our listings easy to show in order to get your property the most exposure possible.
  • MORE LEADS: The bottom line is leads and conversions. We deliver both. Whether you are looking to increase the number of leads for your own in-house rental staff or just get your apartments rented, MNS provides the help you need to fill your properties and keep them full.


Today, most renters use the Inter net to search for apartments, and many use it before any other source. 100% of our transactions originate online, and we have the greatest web presence of any company in business for less than fifteen years.

We don't just stop at our own website. Our exclusive marketing strategy spans other real estate websites such as; the New York Times, Yahoo!, StreetEasy, Backpage, Trulia, City Cribs, Craigslist, City Realty and Urban Hostess putting your apartments in front of even more renters.

MNS also utilizes a variety of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, ASW, Flickr and more to stay connected to renters. When renters are ready to look, they look with MNS


  • ONE: You are hiring the entire firm, not just an individual. We incentivize the entire agency to get your property the best results . Working with MNS is like hiring a 125 person team of professionals ready to make it happen for you.
  • TWO: Because we offer the personalization of a boutique agency, you will find your agent or team of choice wor king at the strategy table with our senior management, marketing group, and our technology team to incorporate our best practices i n t o a roadmap for renting your property better, faster and for top dollar.
  • THREE: New York City is our singular specialty. This unique focus results in the specialized expertise and unsurpassed knowledge that has earned us the trust of the city's largest landlords.
  • FOUR: Our firm has fully integrated in - house marketing and technology teams because we believe that quality service is the key to success.
  • FIVE: MNS' unique culture and values are a direct benefit to you . Our principle of innovation means that we adopt the best practices before they become the norm, immediately giving your property a tangible market advantage.


  • DIRECT ACCESS TO THE WEB'S LEADING REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Your property is immediately uploaded to the web's most relevant and credible sites such as,,, Trulia. com,,,,,,, and neighborhood blogs, among others. Our technological scope gives your property maximum exposure.
  • INDUSTRY AFFILIATIONS: MNS' exclusive relationship as a corporate relocation broker liaison to banks, accounting firms, marketing agencies and law firms means that our listings are put directly into the hands of Fortune 500 employees via newsletters and company websites. Direct marketing guarantees your property will be circulated among the largest group of potential tenants in New York City.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD GUIDES: Renters do a significant amount of research on neighborhoods and specific properties prior to making the decision to officially begin looking. Potential tenants therefore contact us for our comprehensive insight and guidance into how a respective building compares to others in the neighborhood.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: By incorporating the latest in SEO and marketing, MNS is able to capture targeted keyword search traffic to drive thousands of relevant visitors to our website and furthermore, to your listing every day.


We guarantee that all properties shown on the MNS website are accurate and currently available according to the information provided to us by property owners, so customers can immediately view their dream apartment.

As a Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) member, we have access to the unique REBNY Listing Service (RLS), which maximizes the exposure of your property, thereby increasing its value. RLS share s all available listings with all REBNY firms who are members of the Residential Brokerage Division, as well as non-member firms that receive revenue from resident sales or rental property.

Marketing real estate is a multi-faceted process that involves a variety of strategies to efficiently target renters. By knowing which methods best attract renters, MNS is able to focus our marketing efforts effectively and accordingly, covering all aspects of the market. Print advertising is just a fraction of a comprehensive marketing p lan. The MNS website serves an infinite number of potential renters. In conjunction with our corporate headquarters and our state-of-the-art technology, we have a powerful presence throughout Manhattan. We guarantee that our highly regarded presence will be influential among our extensive network of brokers and industry colleagues.

As an active member of the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), MNS adheres to the "24-hour Rule." Since Manhattan does not have a Multiple Listing Service (MLS), over 200 Manhattan fir ms have agreed to comply with REBNY's "24-hour Rule."The rule requires us to share exclusive listings with the entire brokerage community within 24 hours of the signed agreement.

You can rest assured that your exclusive agent will market your property among 15,000 sales professionals throughout the entire city within hours.


As a brokerage and marketing firm that specializes in new developments, resales and rentals, MNS is New York City's most ideal destination for landlords, property managers, developers, buyers, sellers and renters.

The services we offer make us trendsetters, innovators, and shapers of the market. We have become experts at anticipating both the needs of the developers and the desires of the buyers. Not only do we work with the most successful landlords, but those just starting out as well. Through our combination of experience and in-depth market knowledge, we give our clients the competitive advantage to reach their target market and achieve their target rental prices. No other organization can claim the level of support that MNS offers.


  • Determine if it's better to rent or to buy by filling in a few numbers and percentages.

  • Check out samples of leases and riders you will find throughout the Manhattan rental market.

  • A list of maps and transit options available in New York City and beyond.

  • Print out our moving checklist so you can be sure to have all your ducks in a row before you move.

  • Know the pertinent steps to buying an apartment in Manhattan. The guidance you receive can make or break your deal. Know before you go.

  • We know real estate terms and abbreviations can get confusing, so we’ve put together a list of terms and definitions for you.