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For Investors

For years investors have relied on our expertise to help them deploy their capital.

Looking to invest in a real estate opportunity? Our network of developers, land holders, and brokerages provides investors with instant access to local partnerships which minimize start times and maximize returns. We’ve helped finance everything from hot new developments to conservative offerings. No matter the project, our in-depth knowledge of the developers and the neighborhoods enables us to find value in every environment. Each proposal is thoroughly vetted once it hits our desk, and we never recommend anything that we are not confident enough to invest in ourselves. Tell us your investment goals and we’ll help you sift through the opportunities to find the right fit for you. Whether you’re looking to finance a full stake in a development or to invest your capital alongside others, our team will guide you through it.

A first bite at the Big Apple when you invest with us you'll have opportunities you won’t see in the public market. Over the years we’ve developed successful relationships with builders and developers. They know us and trust us – oftentimes they prefer to work privately and exclusively with us. When it comes time to finance their next project, we’re the ones they turn to. These special relationships allow us to offer our investors “first bite” at highly profitable non-public opportunities. Known as quiet deals, these projects are negotiated privately between trusted business partners. You simply won’t have access to these discrete off-market projects anywhere else.

When you invest with us, you don’t just get a foot in the door, you get a seat at the table.

For Developers

The loftier the building, the deeper the foundation must be laid.

Over the years we’ve cultivated relationships with a robust network of financiers. We have successfully sourced funding for some of the highest grossing developments throughout Brooklyn and New York. Our phones have banks, private lenders, asset management firms, institutional funds, private equity investors, family offices and high-net-worth individuals all on speed dial. They’ve come to us in the past for guidance on how and where to successfully deploy their capital. They come to us still.

Whether it’s a ground-up development or a conversion, experience has taught us that funding a successful real estate venture is not simply a matter of finding available capital; it is about pairing developers and landholders with the right investors. We are experts at forging these kinds of strategic partnerships. Bring us your projects and we’ll find investors who share similar risk profiles, investment goals and return expectations.

Building is what you do best. We’ve got the lenders to help you lay the right foundation.