Jane Anthony

Jane Anthony

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Jane Anthony has a discerning understanding of how beneficial it is to be disciplined in the real estate industry. Her astute concentration has become a token asset to her business. She has spent the last two years studying the way clients respond to the stress concentrated within this market. With this understanding, she has decided to become the calm assurance that makes her clients feel at ease when buying, selling, or renting a property.

Having identified education as the gateway to clarity, she has immersed herself in a library of information; all of which is shared with each one of her clients. On-site rental agreements have become her area of expertise, and she takes the time to educate renters on the pricing structures and expectations associated with every building. After teaching them about the area and providing supporting information, she has found that her clients become more comfortable with the process, and they are able to make informed decisions.

The real estate industry offers a level of variety and action that keeps this retired dancer on her toes. Detailed, patient, and incredibly helpful, she enjoys directing clients to promising areas like Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Whether working with a team or independently, she thrives, regardless of what obstacles she may run into.

Originally from a small town in Northern Michigan, she shares the perfect fusion of big city living and down-home appeal. Let her honesty and reliability serve as your guide while you are comforted by her heartwarming personality. You can expect to share a few laughs during your union - and she may even share a few pictures of her social media famous cat with you.

Recently Sold/Rented

Address Neighborhood Bedroom(s)
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg 1 bed
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg Studio
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg Studio
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg 3 Bedroom
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg 1 bedroom