Giuseppe Santoro

Giuseppe Santoro

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
English, Italian

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The Robinson-Daly Team at MNS Real Impact Real Estate was formed in early 2013 by partners Binnie Robinson and Justin Daly; who combined have over 25 years experience in the NYC real estate market. Throughout their careers both brokers have demonstrated strong market knowledge and creative marketing techniques that have allowed them to sell in every market, good and bad, in excess of $500 Million in gross sales. With a dynamic team consisting of 7 members including a team manager there is always constant support for every client. With a skill set ranging from rentals and resales to investment and commercial the Robinson-Daly Team has the resources to get the job done.

Binnie Robinson
Justin Daly
Malvina Bebenek
Giuseppe Santoro
Michael Maggiore
Mary Nicholas
Gabriel Shapiro


  • 106 Ainslie ST 2
    • 1.5 Bedroom
    • 1
    • $2,500

Recently Sold/Rented

Address Neighborhood Bedroom(s)
1 Powers ST Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
1 Powers ST Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
100 Engert AVE Greenpoint 1 Bedroom
106 Ainslie ST Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
107 franklin williamsburg 1 bed
135 N 11 ST Williamsburg, Greenpoint 1 Bedroom
144 N 8 ST Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
166 Monitor ST Greenpoint 2 Bedroom
166 Monitor ST Greenpoint 3 Bedroom
166 Monitor ST Greenpoint 3 Bedroom
180 Schaefer ST Bushwick 3 Bedroom
191 Guernsey ST Greenpoint 1.5 Bedroom
214 N 11 ST Williamsburg 1.5 Bedroom
268 Cleveland ST Cypress Hills 2 Bedroom
320 Greene AVE Clinton Hill 2 Bedroom
390 Lorimer ST East Williamsburg 1.5 Bedroom
445 Bainbridge Bedford-Stuyvesant 2 Bedroom
49 N 8 ST Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
530 Lafayette AVE Bedford-Stuyvesant 3 Bedroom