David Clark Smith

David Clark Smith

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
B.F.A, University of Southern California

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Establishing a thorough understanding of his clients' specific needs is always step one for David Clark Smith, who believes that this is the key to excellent service. Just as important, however, is helping each client prioritize those needs, which is just as essential to finding the right home.

'Is living two blocks from the L train and having space for a home office more important than having a walk-in closet, for instance? For some it might be; for others not,' says David. 'My goal is to find a space that fits a person's lifestyle and feels like a true home, not just another place to put stuff and plug in the phone charger!'

David's background in architecture and design gives him valuable insight into what his clients want and enables him to see an apartment's full potential more clearly. 'Perhaps the tiny closet in an otherwise great apartment near the L could be overcome if the home office doubled as a dressing room with plenty of storage space. I enjoy offering creative suggestions to give my clients more choices and to help them make the best decisions.'

David considers himself an advocate for his clients, not a salesman and he approaches his work accordingly. 'Finding an apartment in NYC should not be the most stressful thing you do. My job is to alleviate that stress by addressing a client's every question and concern, and being their strongest advocate at every step of the process.'

A North Brooklyn resident, David specializes in residential rentals and first-time home and investment purchases in Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick. He grew up in a small town in North Carolina and holds a BFA with an Architecture minor from the University of Southern California. David also did post-graduate studies in Architecture at Pratt Institute. In his personal life, he is a commissioned artist/painter, fierce weekend warrior/D.I.Y.er, architecture and design buff, and confessed theater nerd. David also volunteers with organizations that have included whiteroofproject.org, Project Potential, USC Lambda, USC Alumni Association, Human Rights Campaign, Hospice of Davidson County and FringeNYC.


  • Amagansett Township
    • 5 Bedroom
    • 4.5
    • $25,000
  • Williamsburg
    • Conv 3
    • 1
    • $5,250
    • 2 Bedroom
    • 1
    • $4,900
    • 1 Bedroom
    • 1
    • $4,150
  • Ft. Greene
    • 3 Bedroom
    • 1
    • $4,000
  • Park Slope
    • 4 Bedroom
    • 1
    • $3,800
  • Park Slope
    • 3 Bedroom
    • 1
    • $3,400
  • Bushwick
    • 2 Bedroom
    • 1
    • $3,200
  • Bushwick
    • 3 Bedroom
    • 1
    • $2,550
  • Greenpoint
    • Alcove Studio
    • 1
    • $2,150
  • 256 Nassau AVE 1R
    • Studio
    • 1
    • $2,000
  • Richmond Hill
    • Loft
    • 1
    • $1,600

Recently Sold/Rented

Address Neighborhood Bedroom(s)
101 Bedford Avenue Williamsburg 1.5 Bedroom
1040 Bushwick Avenue Bushwick One Bedroom
110 Green Street Greenpoint 1 bedroom
110 Green Street Greenpoint 1 bedroom
144 Newel Street Greenpoint One bedroom
144 Newel Street Greenpont One bedroom
144 Newel Street Greenpont One bedroom
1581 Pacific ST Crown Heights 1 Bedroom
1605 Putnam Avenue Bushwick NA
162 Russell Street Greenpoint 2 Bedroom
164 Newton Street Greenpoint 3 bedroom
17 Monitor Street Greenpoint one bedroom
172 Greenpoint Ave Greenpoint Retail Suite
172 Greenpoint Ave Greenpont One bedroom
172 Greenpoint Avenue Greenpoint 1 bedroom
194 Vernon Ave #1L Bedford Stuyvesant 1.5 Bedroom
194 Green Street Greenpoint 1 bedroom
194 Green Street Greenpoint 1 Bedroom
194 Green Street Greenpoint 1 bedroom
194 Green Street Greenpoint One Bedroom
22 N 6th Street Williamsburg Studio
243 13th Street Park Slope 2 bed
256 Nassau Avenue Greenpoint studio
256 Nassau Ave Greenpoint studio
290 Clinton Avenue Clinton Hill Studio
302 Marion Street Bedford Stuyvesant Two Bedroom
326 Melrose Street Bushwick One bedroom
34 N 7th Street Williamsburg 1 bedroom
361 Irving Avenue Bushwick 2 bedroom
42 Downing Street Clinton Hill Studio
42 w 65th Street Central Park West studio
44 Berry Street Williamsburg 3 bedroom
442 Lorimer Street Greenpoint 3 bedroom
50 Broome Street Greenpoint Two Bedroom
50 Broome Street Greenpoint 2 Bedroom
500 Sterling Place #2K Prospect Heights studio
500 Sterling Place #3L Prospect Heights studio
500 Sterling PL Prospect Heights Studio
51 India Street Greenpoint Two Bedroom
564 Evergreen Avenue Bushwick 1 bedroom
68 Richardson Street Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
80 Cranberry Street Brooklyn Heights studio
87 Graham Avenue Williamsburg 2 bedroom
87 Graham Avenue Williamsburg 2 bed
872 Kent Avenue Clinton Hill studio
872 Kent Ave Clinton Hill 2br
1605 Putnam Avenue, 2A Bushwick One Bedroom
101 Bedford Ave, D-805 Williamsburg Studio
101 Bedford AVE, #A-413 Williamsburg 1.5