Jonathan Sussman

Jonathan Sussman

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Jonathan Sussman will work 100 percent for his clients to find their dream home or sell their special property. He would never waste your time or mislead in any way when helping you make one of lifes most important financial decisions.

Personable, reliable and responsive, Jonathan always has his clients priorities and best interests at heart. Spending an entire career in sales has honed very strong communication and interpersonal skills. His passion for real estate is longstanding, and developed through his involvement in family investments.

Jonathan is willing to go the extra mile to help buyers, sellers and renters in and around vibrant Williamsburg where he's resided for many years. As a homeowner at The Edge, he knows the inventory, and understands the neighborhoods unique and diverse cultural, recreational, culinary and residential offerings. Jonathan is a dedicated agent who diligently previews buildings and apartments, and stays on top of market trends to be one step ahead for his clients.

My goal as an agent is threefold: Focusing on my clients needs, delivering the finest service and building strong relationships. This along with offering honesty and transparency, is the key to true success.

Originally from Roslyn, Long Island, Jonathan is a University of Arizona graduate with a B.A. degree in Regional Development. Prior to real estate, he served as general manager of sales and customer service at his family's window manufacturing business. For fun he enjoys fitness, yoga, snowboarding and travel.

Recently Sold/Rented

Address Neighborhood Bedroom(s)
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg 1.5 Bedroom
2 N 6 PL Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
50 N 1st Street Williamsburg BK 1 Bedroom
50 North 1st, 5C Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
424 Bedford,3D Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
100 South 4th Street, 5H Williamsburg Loft
50 North 1st, 3C Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
568 Union Avenue, 2U Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
250 North 10th Street, 113 Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
57 Thompson Street, 2CD Soho 1 Bedroom
40 North 4th Street, 1G Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
40 Marcy, 2L Williamsburg 3 Bedroom
1 North 4th Place,38i Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
1 North 4th Place,14D Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
55 North 5th Street, 610W Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
55 North 5th, 411W Williamsburg Studio
55 North 5th Street, 317W Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
55 North 5th Street, 406W Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
424 Bedford , 11D Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
312 Grand Street, 1 Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
25 Meserole, 4 Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
670 Pacific, 404 Prospect Heights 2 Bedroom
308 Grand Street, 1 Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
88 South 1st, 4B Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
326 Starr Street, 2F Bushwick 3 Bedroom
139 North 6th Street, 1 Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
110 Greenstreet, 306 Greenpoint 1 Bedroom
157 North 3rd Street Williamsburg Studio
347 Berry, 4B Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
95 Greenpoint,2R Greenpoint 2 Bedroom
24 North 7h Street, 605 Williamsburg Studio
192 Monitor Street, 2 Greenpoint 3 Bedroom
1 Northside Piers, 3A Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
269 Kingsland Avenue,1A Greenpoint Studio
1 Northside Piers, 24B Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
116 South 1st Street, 2 Williamsburg 2 Bedroom
143 Skillman, 2C Williamsburg Studio
308 Eckford Street, 4D Greenpoint 1 Bedroom
424 Bedford, 6B Williamsburg 1 Bedroom
44 Berry Street, 3C Williamsburg 3 Bedroom
248 North 8th Street, 610 Williamsburg Studio